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Houston, we have a problem...

For several years I have been on the annual scope program.  Last February Doc has a look and says, "see you in six months."  


"Six months, I saw something I want to look at again before a year. Better safe than sorry."

Not fair!  I made the ten year mark.  I'm free and clear, said so in all the brochures. To say I have been anxiuos would be mild.  I have tried to be strong and brave and all the other stuff I am supposed to be, but at the end of the day I am just scared.

I have prayed and meditated and screamed at the universe.  On the 15th I will go in and get scoped and go from there.  If any of you are free and of the mind, I would welcome the prayers.  

Regardless of the outcome I am a SURVIVOR, like all of you.  This is just another mountain to climb and ovecome.  But when the night falls and the mask comes down, this is a scary mother and I won't sleep much for the next few days. 

Even when I am absent you are all in my prayers.  I think of you when I look at my tattoo.  You can look at the pictures...I did it to be eternally Jill's favorite!

Love to you all, I'll update soon


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Valerie, Merrill threw a punch at your cancer.
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Mac, I've thought about you the last couple years and wondered how you were doing. I'm sorry to hear of this latest hurdle you are facing, but know that you have a lot of prayers backing you. I hope and pray it's just a false alarm.

MAC!!! So great to hear from you. I wish it wasn't because your doctor has no tact. I am always amazed how they say things some times. Just drop a bomb and you and think it is no big deal. I will be praying it is just a false alarm too.
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Hi Mac, I also have been wondering about you,and it is good to hear from you. I will be praying that it is a false alarm and that your doc is being super careful. Let us know the outcome. hugs and lots of Sunshine and Smiles and prayers !
Thinking of you. Sending prayers.
Mac, you don't know how many times you've crossed my mind. I was in the Hoosier state not long ago, surrounded by sports cars at the Speedway, and who do I think of? You, riding around on your motorcycle! While it's always good that you still think of all of your BFAC friends, how I wish you were just stopping in to say hello and all is well. I am sorry you are dealing with some uncertainty right now. Doctors are SO good at leaving us hanging right on the edge of a cliff! Here's praying that you won't fall off and that on the 15th., you will get all good news. That is my prayer and I will say it over and over until then. Sending good wishes your way and also a big hello to Janet!
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I will be sending prayers your way. Praying your news is good. Remember to ask all the questions that you can think of if you don't completely understand what they tell you. Glad you have had a lot of success.
Mac, i got your prayers tonight bro! 10 years nice run! I'm right behind ya on 9 years! Who woulda thought!? I do know that I never truly believe it is gone. Neither do my docs. When I go in for a check up they give the 'congrats, you're NED. No Evidence of Disease.' I pray your outcome is good. Incredibly, I have three new friends that I know who joined our Cancer club. One is one of my docs. He has stage 4 Pancreatic! Incredibly he is still alive and working after 1 year and 4 months! Then I have another bud who woke up from a colonoscopy to the words: You have colo-rectal. And another friend who was clean 10 years from breast cancer, until it reappeared over a year ago in her stomach and other places. Stage 4 totally inoperable. She's on some new weird hormone therapy. It keeps the cancer in check not allowing to go further, but it will never get rid of it. She could live 6 months or 16years. She's been working and with her hubby every month she's been checking out her bucket list!! There are new cancer treatments that seem to work that we didn't have just 10 year ago. "You never know how strong you are, until strong is the only choice you have" God bless you bro and keep us posted! Jacques
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Mac leave the problem in friggin Houston bro Call up your inner Coach Knight Throw some chairs to blow off a little steam, and relax you got this. Doctors suck at delivery, BUT truth be told better you look at it now and start the false alarm party 6 months early. We all go through it, first sign of something out of whack we're popping anxiety meds and not sleeping . Prayers are with ya bud wind in your face sun at your back
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Nice to hear from you been a long time. Praying for you Mac..
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Mac I know.. I really understand. I have had a sore throat for 4 days now and the first thing I think I hope to God it's not back... What can you do.. I think its good we have doctors that take no chances, I had something light up not to long ago in my groin and they did a biopsy, left me with a big scar and a big scare but no cancer. I will be praying this is nothing and just a good doctor doing a good job for nothing. .. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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